I have been playing the acoustic guitar for a year or so, and I want to move on to electric now for a number of reasons. I was hoping someone could recommend any suitable and affordable guitars and amps. With amplifiers, i'd say anything around £150. Also, I have heard that a good guitar for a beginner like myself would be a Fender Stratocaster, and I was wondering if this is true? It's hard to say what style of music i'd like to play, just various kinds of rock such as grunge, psychedelic, shoegaze, goth... maybe even metal, though it isn't a priority.

For a guitar I recommend the Peavey T-60. Very versatile and plays very well in my opinion.
A lower-end Fender Stratocaster, like a MIM (Made In Mexico, e.g. Standard Series, Classic Series) or the Chinese-made Modern Player, would be an extremely good first electric guitar. A common recommendation is for the HSS strat, which replaces the bridge single coil pickup for a humbucker. But, an actual Fender Stratocaster is a little expensive for a beginner. A high-end Squier, like a Vintage Modified or Classic Vibe Series, would offer a similar level of quality for a lower price point.

Amp-wise, the best choice for a beginner's amp would be a small ten to twenty watt modelling amp, something like a Peavy Vypyr, Fender Mustang or Vox Valvetronix/VT Series.
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For an amp, any modeler like the Vox VT20/30, Fender Mustang I, and the peavey vypyr would work and give you a variety of amp sounds and fX.

The Squier Telecaster custom would be a good guitar. The Joe Trohman tele is also really versatile if you can find one.
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For the range of stuff you're playing I'd get something with at least a humbucker in the bridge. I.e. a fat strat or super strat. tons of companies make them, the yamaha pacifica series, fender and squier fat strats, godin, fret king, etc. etc.

for the amp £150 should get you a decent modelling practice amp. the well-regarded ones seem to be the peavey vypyr, roland cube (higher wattage models- at least 30/40 watt models since they have more features, unless you're looking at the microcube), fender mustang, vox valvetronix (and also the mini3/5). the peavey and the cube seem to be more aimed at heavier tones while the vox and fender are more aimed at lighter tones (though all will do either, just the ones I mentioned do those tones better).

I should add, I haven't tried the mustang or the vypyr.

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For a guitar I recommend the Peavey T-60. Very versatile and plays very well in my opinion.

I can't imagine finding one of those easily in the UK, but I could be wrong.
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A good way to research is to go to a store and actually try out all the different varieties. A guitar may catch your eye and sound great but that doesn't mean much if its uncomfortable to play.

As far as amps, +1 for the Valvetronix but any modeling amp is a good place to start til you can narrow down what sorta tone your after before plunking down bigger bucks for a more specific amp.

Good luck!

Edit: also +1 for Yamaha Pacifica as a starter guitar. Check out Agile and Johnson/AXL guitars too. All are good guitars for the price.
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