Hello all, I have two questions-the first one is about a cheap righty strat that I converted to lefty recently, but that if i bend on the high e string on some parts of the fretboard the note just dies out. I believe the neck is just barely twisted. Are there any ways I could fix this? I don´t really have money so a tech does not seem like a good solution. The other question is about another guitar that I would like to convert but cannot find a lefty nut for(I restrung the other guitar with the high e through the low e slot). Could I just use a right handed nut and flip it over? This seems like it would throw off the intonation a little bit though. Thanks for all help
It sounds like the fretboard radius is not as flat as you need. I believe most strats have a 9.5" radius and when you do bends the string hits the next fret or 2 and it kills the note.

You may want to try some other guitars with 12" or bigger radius

Most guitar techs will make you a nut and fit it to the guitar. It is not that expensive either
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If you're going really cheap, try to insert some folded aluminum foil under the strings by the nuts. I tried this as a temporary fix to my right-hand buzzing, and it seems to have fixed it until I rerouted and made the neck slot deeper for the neck to go lower. If that doesn't work out, try [above post]