Hmm, starting off, my amplifier is a Fender Frontman, which I found in a storage cabinet in the house, and as far as me and my sister know, it's been damaged by flood but it doesn't seem so, it works fine and it delivers a great Nirvana-to-AC/DC distortion and cleans, but we can't achieve a specific sound.

Recently I posted a guitar in the Customization thread, page 33, and after trying it with the amplifier and the melted pickup [story in the thread mentioned above] it sounds midway between what we wanted and what we have. The same goes to my sister's Busker's [a Japanese brand], except hers was a little cleaner. We only tested our single coils so far, as the Ibanez is disconnected for repairs.

A sound that has a heavy crunching but can make a good melody fused with overdrive and distortion.

The Frontman seems to take care of the overdrive and most of the bass needs, but there's a crunch that's missing. We've tried a few crunch pedals before, from Yamaha, if I remember right, and a Zoom 505 I which eventually broke.

The song 'Wait for You' by Versus Angels somewhat has the sound we're looking for, especially the solo part, or 'Ghost Walking' by Lamb of God.

Apologies if I'm disorganized or unclear on my intentions, I can't describe sound well being fourteen.
I highly second that.

How 'bout a used vypyr tube or a used DLS401?
If you can put some money in them, they are definitely worth it.
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If an amp isn't an option for you, get a used Hardwire TL-2 for metal.
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