opinions on the alesis dm lite kit 5 piece? I want to start drumming (mainly with an electronic kit, because of noise levels and space). This would be my first kit.

is it worth purchasing? or should i put in a little more money for something better? suggestions for beginner electronic kits would be appreciated. Thanks
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I've never played one of those, but from looking at it I'd avoid it.

Try and at least get a kit that has a proper bass drum pedal, and preferably mesh heads on the pads rather than plastic/rubber like that it is. This will make a transition to an acoustic kit later easier, as there'll be less of a difference in feel (although it will still be fairly considerable).

Also, try get used gear rather than brand new stuff. Providing everything is in working order, you'll get much more bang for your buck. Have a look at the Roland TD-4KX, that's what I'm using and sure, it could be better but I haven't had any issues with it
An electric drum set at that price is going to be like buying a 79.99 acoustic guitar special at guitar center. I know youre leaning towards electric for noise/space reasons but honestly for 300 bucks you can get a functional used drum kit.

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before i bought my set i looked into some of the alesis kits and nearly all the reviews were bad. triggers going out within a few months, and taking forever to get replacement parts, things not working right out of the box. I would definitely do some research before buying anything.