Back Story - I have a zakk wylde custome epi, and i installed emg 81br/85nk into the guitar and it sounds awesome!!! previously had hz which were muddy but good.

So i had an old Epi studio 02' red cherry sunburst nice looking guitar completely stock set up. wanted to do the same with this one as i did with the custom.

Bought a pair of 81 85 chrome to suit the guitar and since ive installed them
    The signal drops out and i lose gain in my sound and come out clean (mainly in the 81 at br position)
      The tone is a little muddy especially on the low strings, no where as near as good as my custom (same pickups remember)
      The guitar is so sensitive feels like the pickups are picking up everything that is touched on guitar, knobs, pick guard, wood etc
      Tried putting cotton balls in the pick up cavities and some like polyester packaging foam at the bottom of the cavities, which made the tone worse. maybe cos it touches the pickup?

      So im wondering is there some old grounding from the old pickup thats interfering somehow, understanding that emg's dont need to be grounded. and or has anyone else had this problem or got suggestions. or is it just cos the guitar is not made for active pickups and that it sounds shitty compared to the custom that is lol
      (can provide pictures ;-)
      Thanks Sphehir
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