Hi I was wondering on what people think of my setup, wether it be it was a bad mix, need more grounding or should have just got another guitar or even was a good idea.
I have an 86 japan fender stratocaster. 6 string. Standard scale. Swapped out the single coils for seymore Duncan blackout active pickups on brige and neck, from5 to a 3 way switch. Had some work done to get the noise down, but still some noise at higher gain/volumes.
I've kept all the original parts to detach back if I decide to.
I'm setup to drop Bb.

I'm contemplating buying a schecter blackjack solo 7 string.
I play metalcore.
I think it looks damn cool and that it just goes to show that you don't have to be genre limited based on the brand/make of guitar you have. Looks metal enough to me, and if it works for you then awesome. Only pitfalls I can think of is 21 frets and medium frets.

But if it rocks, then it rocks and I bet this thing can rock.