Whats the cheapest way to record?
Is irig good?
I still need to have a good amp to record well right?
Cheapest? If you have an iphone get irig and garageband app. No amp needed.
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Find the cheapest mulitfx with USB.


I have a Digitech RP355 and it came with a Cubase LE4. Not the best multi FX and not the cheapest but gets the job done.
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Go to the recordings forum & read the stickies. The cheapest recommendation can be had for under a tenner.
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I'd say the cheapest ways to record independently would be as follows:

- Put a tape recorder in your room while you play through your rig. (lol)

Given you have a computer and decent music software I'd say to go one of these directions

- Find a mic suited to what you're trying to record, short mic stand, and something like the Presonus Audiobox. Just mic your rig directly and fiddle with the mic placement, volume, etc

- Try looking into Line 6 PODs / Eleven Rack / Axe Fx to record directly with a wide range of choices in digital models of amps, cabs, pedals, etc