One progression I have come up with is 97x9xx, 9x79xx, a C#5 power chord, and a Dsus 2 open chord. Another is 54x3xx, x2x43x, 32x4xx, x54x7x. My guitar teacher recently tried teaching me about alternate chord voicings, which I tried to include. Some of these chords were also things I just happened to find that worked. Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance.
Well, let's start with the basics.

What are those chords? Don't tell us the frets, figure out what the chords are. And if you can't, at least tell us what the notes are.

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Learn the note names and learn some chord construction. The first progression seems like C#m - A - C#5 - Dsus2. The second progression seems like A7b9 (without the 7th - are you sure you have tabbed the right chord because it sounds a bit odd) - Bm - G - D. So figure out the chord tones and try finding other voicings that use the same notes.
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