hey Folks, Been a while since I have posted,
SO This is a 2014 PRS SE Custom24 In Tobacco Sunburst with a bevel and split coils.
The guitar has the "wide thin neck" and ill be honest it took a little while to get comfortable with, but it was worth the effort, this is one of the nicest guitars I have played. The finish is very fine, with no blemishes, and a lot of attention had been paid to detail. The stock pickups are ok, I wont switch them out ( not just yet) and the split coil ability makes it quite versatile.
The Nut was cut for 9's so i had to adjust that for my usual 11's, as the strings kept catching. but after widening the grooves a little, and a little graphite it stays in tune perfectly.

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Are they still putting plastic nuts on the se's?

That thing looks sweet. I love prs se's they are solid all around and the only real flaw that I've seen in them is the stock tuning keys.

I had a custom 24, but I ended up letting it go because the wide/thin neck was just too much neck for my rather short fingers. ****ing great for bends and vibrato though.

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Happy NGD, I'm not really into zebra pickups but the guitar looks sweet.

Awesome knife collection too!
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classy very nice
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I have one from 2012, but otherwise have the exact same guitar and set it up with 11's too. She's my number 1 and I want another SE too, maybe a 245.

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I'm not a fan of their thin necks but it looks great!
Moving on.....