So a Dan Armstrong Green Ringer clone that I just finished building recently and a Joyo tremolo that a friend gave me to try and fix both have the same problem. When you try to turn them off, bypass them (or whatever you want to say) it cuts off the entire signal from my guitar to my amp and you don't hear a thing. When they're activated, however, I get sound and they work.

Right now I'm checking for bad solder joints. Does anyone know what else might be causing this?
If you hear sound when its activated, but none one bypassed, its gonna be the switch.
Maybe a bad solder joint on the switch or the switch itself.
That's if they are true bypass, which I suspect the Green Ringer clone probably is.
Dunno about the Joyo though.
True bypass means that there is no circuitry used when bypassed, which is more or less the equivalent of removing the pedal from your chain, but with a switch in the middle.
But the switch is the most likely cause either way.
Since you get no sound in bypass mode, you've probably mis-wired the switch. Double-check the wiring. Other, less-likely causes are that your switch is defective or that you have a piece of wire that has broken inside the insulation (pretty much only a concern with solid wire; stranded wire is immune to this problem).

If you get dead silence in bypass mode (no noise or hum) then the switch is probably shorting the signal to ground. If you get noise but no effect signal, the switch is probably breaking the signal wire but leaving it floating. Again, it would be a mis-wired switch.
I glossed over the part saying he built the Green Ringer. My bad.

There are several way to wire a 3PDT stomp switch.
See this thread : http://www.diystompboxes.com/smfforum/index.php?topic=104109.0
I've checked my wiring a few times and I'm pretty sure nothing's wired wrong (I'm going to check that again, though). If that's good then I guess I'll heat up my soldering iron and try some resoldering. If that doesn't work I should get new switches, right?

And, yeah, when I'm in bypass mode I get dead silence.
Well, I re-soldered the footswitches and, happily, my Green Ringer now works perfectly! The Joyo, on the other hand is worse off. After messing around with it I put it back together, but the footswitch has decided to become a momentary switch now. I also found a break in one of the wires, so I guess I'll be ordering a new switch and wire.