Hey guys,
This is my first post in a long long time. I remember when I was a young composer starting out and I posted my first guitar pro tabs here and was politely told that they're quite ridiculous. Haha, no hard feelings and I managed to create some good friendships with people who helped me out wit my songs. It was fun times, but now I'm all growed up and moved on from GP5 to Fruity Loops as my choice of composition software. Have a listen to my songs in my soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/sid-jain

I'm most proud of East India Company, the song in the title, but feel free to listen and comment on any of the others. They're either film score type songs, electronic music or piano tracks.

Of course, it's C4C and I'm going to go and listen to some of your stuff now!

Changed signature after 4 years.

Will take some time to make a new one.