My buddy has a silverface Fender Champ from the 70's, and its awesome, but it doesn't work. It quit last summer, and my buddy says that he thinks he blew a fuse. Now, its rated for a 1A 125V fuse, but the one that blew, I'm pretty sure as it looked different from the other ones I tried, was a 1A 250V fuse.

I tried new 1A 250V fuses, and the amp turned on for a second, and then the fuse blew. Is there something wrong internally? Unless its a bad idea, I'm going to try 2A and 2.5A fuses tomorrow. Did a tube blow and I'm just silly and don't recognize it? They seem fine looking at them, but I don't know enough.

Hopefully its an easy enough fix, and something simple.

Thanks guys.
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It probably needs a slow blow (sometimes called timed) fuse.
When you turn an amp on, there is usually a rush of over spec current (maybe a few milliseconds), that will blow a normal fuse.
The slow blow fuses are designed to account for this.
Check out mouser.com
Or even Radioshack.
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IIRC they are indeed slow blow. Don't worry about the voltage rating, that's just a maximum voltage before flash over. The voltage rating can't be too big, just too small.
If a slow blow 1A fuse blows then it's most likely that it needs a new power tube. JJ 6V6's are a really good tube, maybe the best tube JJ make and they aren't expensive.
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