For years I've always picked the traditional way of holding the pick parallel to the strings and using mostly wrist. (ie. -)For the most part, you'd get more a "rake" effect when sweeping.

It wasn't until recently that I tried a new way of holding my pick so that it's at a downward angle. It's almost as if I were trying to slice through the strings. (ie. /) But instead of using my wrist, I'd go up and down with more a circular motion with my pointer finger as I'm "slicing" through the strings. My first thoughts when I tried this new technique out was "This feels so smooth and efficient!"

I remember hearing about "circle picking" and was wondering if this was it or not?
Yes, it is. The important thing about circle picking is that the motion comes from your fingers rather than wrist or arm.

Personally it's not something I'd recommend sticking with; I've seen very few people have real results with it. That's not to say it's definitely wrong though, if it works for you it's all good.
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