Creed/Alter Bridge/Tremonti songs he plays in EADGBe. Looking to build my repertoire in this area so song titles and suggestions are appreciated.

edit: am open to other band/artist suggestions of similar genre
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Whats this life for
With Arms wide Open (can be played in drop D too)
Faceless man (originally in Open D)
One last Breath
One Day remains
Watch over you

If you can go half a step down, you get:

Down to my last
In loving memory (it works anyway)
Cry of Achillies

In reality, you're best going to drop D flat. That's the tuning he uses the most!
"A man chooses. A slave obeys."
Pity for a Dime is a great one

If you're going by official tab book standards then Watch Over You is in Open G i think