Picked up what is supposed to be a heavily modified pre-EB Stingray the other day. The neck is dated 1980, while the body has a date of 1983 scribbled on it. The neck appears to be legit (thanks Narud), but I'm not positive on the body. It appears the guitar was refinished, as the holes that were filled can be seen beneath the finish. There was also a thin veneer placed over the headstock, though no idea why. The bass is loaded with a Bartolini pickup with Di Marzio pots and Marcus Miller TCT preamp. What was once a proud instrument is now, well, not quite sure exactly. I don't play bass, but I've been searching for a quality instrument to learn on. Hopefully this will do the trick. ​​

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Judging by the photos and description, that bass seems to be a "parts bass" put together from several mismatched parts. Unless it happens to be something that you have been looking for and could not find, I would steer clear of it.
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Yeah, sounds like a parts bass to me. I'm sure some of it happens on occasion, but I can't imagine why anybody would want to change that much on a genuine Stingray. Especially when it involves removing or covering up the decal.
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Someone on talkbass ID'd it as a stingray neck based on the stamps. The seller dropped the price to $300, so I've decided to pick it up.
The deed is done. Pretty sweet lookin bass, though I can't speak to it's quality.