Hi everybody.
My name is Guy Be'er and I'm a guitar player from Israel.
Here is a cover version I've recorded with my project called "Gevald Brothers".
Hope you would like it (-:

Great production. I think the drums should be louder and have more reverb. They lacked the energy that they could have had. The guitars sound freakin' excellent. The autotune was off-putting, but sounded really cool at the end of the second verse when it was ghostly.

I can't really rate the music because you didn't write it or anything,

Next time you post a link, take the s out of the https:// or else people will have a hard time opening it.
Israel is a terrorist state.
Thanx for you feedback,
Really appreciate it !!

If you'll check Gevald Brothers youtube chanell you'll find lot's of original music (-: