Well you're all bumders for ignoring the last mix (even if I did accidentally postdate it for Tuesday the 19th of May 2015) when it contained the majesty of Berlioz and Górecki.

Decided I'd go for a purely metal mix this time in the hopes that it'd be better received. The theme of course being Valhalla, with 7 of the 8 tracks literally just being called Valhalla. (Though I did cheat a little by putting a Cover of a song that is already in the mix, at the end of the mix.) There's some absolute belters in this mix, so hopefully it'll go down a bit better than the last couple.


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I'm proud of you for soldiering on like this AnihiSSlateR. I'll try to listen to this and your last mix sometime today. I think I've got enough new music to do another mix. Put me down for next week mothafukka.
Who are you? The prince of darkness? Don't you have any friends?

Just finished listening to this. I love White Lion haha. I like the reprisal of Bathory's Valhalla at the end by Nokturnal Mortum. I think I may like Nokturnal Mortum's version better.

Really cool mix man.
Who are you? The prince of darkness? Don't you have any friends?

Can't beat a bit of White Lion. Granted it has become something of a white power anthem in recent times since Skrewdriver covered it, but the imagery it evokes and the rough around the edge quality about have a really endearing quality.

I've been conflicted ever since I heard the NM cover. It's undoubtedly great, but part of me feels it's sacrilege to suggest that anything from Hammerheart could be topped, but I think they just might have topped it.
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I... I should return to Arkham.

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I have come home to Arkham.

I'm finally getting around to giving some of the mixes from the last few months a listen. Had too much on my plate and got stuck in some other music over that time, so couldn't really give it the due attention.

Anyway, making my way through this one now. White Lion took me a bit by surprise, hahah! - but served as an interesting intro, for sure. Can't beat Bathory either. Will write more once the mix is through.

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