Hi all, my band's lead guitarist's Blackstar HT 60 is acting up. Getting no noise whatsoever, apart from the tiniest little blip when powering the amp off. Changed the power amp valves (EL34s), checked the pre-amp valves and the fuse and that all seems fine.

Can anyone help?

weird. Move some preamp tubes around and see if that affects noise in anyway.

It might be a bad preamp tube hidden in there somewhere. If that doesn't work take a flashlight to the input jack and see if any of the wires might have become loose.

If under warranty tell him to take it back! Good luck!
Plug the guitar into the FX return and see if you get anything. Volume might have to be turned up.
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...if the above doesn´t help I´d recommend trying the blackstar forum. Lotsa helpful folks with the same amp that could lend some input to your dilemma.
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