My band has had a some great shows playing with some of our favourite musicians in the last year or so, this got me thinking what bands/members of bands has everyone else on here been particularly proud of playing with?
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A few brief moments of pseudo-fame while remaining mostly anonymous:

*Three shows with Bill Medley of the Righteous Bros. Approx. 10,000 people

*Opened for Van Halen at Gazzarri's Hollywood in 1975. Maybe only 300 in the club but a piece of personal history.

* A few Easter Sunrise services to 5000 or more people

* Shared the stage with Oz Fox of Stryper and Les Carlson of Bloodgood.

Probably a few more that I don't recall offhand...
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My biggest show with my main band was actually our smallest lol, but playing on Good Times Radio with over 5 thousand listeners at the time. My biggest of late was the Arcada Theater. And in two weeks I'll be playing the Elbo Room, so I'm sure that will be huge. Personal achievements, playing with Chicago legends: Toronzo Cannon, Tony Smith, Tony Bernard, and Mojoe Slim.
I've been in two bands over the yrs that have been the main support for Blaze Bailey. I played in Glasgow's Carling academy now the O2 academy i believe. I'm not too sure I've not lived in Scotland for a number of yrs now. Was a great big venue.
160 people in a local culture center but damn you know the atmosphere was awesome..
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Mass Ska Raid in Atlanta. Huge all day thing, played to a ton of people and that was solid. That was probably the most people we played to. Besides maybe at the NYS fair. Another really fun one was with Reel Big Fish in Syracuse. That one was biggest in terms of, I guess, maybe importance? One of the tightest sets we ever played at the very least.