Has anyone come across a lot of poorly written guitar pro files such as the beat unit not being reflected in the measures, or confusing rhythms written that could have been written simpler?

If so, which songs?
All of the time. That is why i stopped learning by tab and decided to finally improve my ear many years ago.
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There are tons. Guitar Pro tabs are great for quick reference, but it's no substitute for learning with your ears. I've seen so many guitarists who learn straight from GP without ever referring to the song to make sure they're actually learning it correctly it's just silly.
Well, if you let anybody post tabs on this site, you can assume that many of the tabs are going to be pretty inaccurate. Though there are also a lot of mistakes in "official" tab books. People just don't take the time to figure out all the parts. When I posted tabs here, I always checked every part many times. I wanted to make sure everything was written correctly. I slowed the song down and listened to it really carefully and repeated the same part many times until I was sure I got it 100& right.
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