I've been writing and playing a lot of music in open tuning with a slide lately and want to incorporate it into my bands live performance. I'd rather not take the time between songs to change my tuning (and worry about busting a string). I'd like suggestions for guitars in the $200 to $400 range that sound good in open tuning with a slide.

I play into a Marshall JCM 800 and use a bluesy, overdriven tone.

This maybe;


A fairly flat board and a good meaty neck pickup are useful features for electric slide. I mostly play clean and prefer P90 type pickups, but I've no idea what you can get in that price range. - I liked the Fender Modern Player Thinline Deluxe tele, but it is a bit more than your budget.
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pick up an older nice guitar that needs a refret, mine is a Gibson Sonex, $200, it is playable, but pretty buzzy but you don't need frets if you are doing all slide. it has Gibsons dirty fingers that came in it from the factor and kicks serious ass.

i did do a tiny amount of fret work on a couple of frets, but not much.
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