Awesome song by Black Lab called Circus Lights. Would love the chords for it or a tab if anyone is available. Thanks!

G D Em7 Cadd9

(G)Come on spend the night
(D)Under the circus lights
(Em7)I wanna see you high above the (Cadd9)crowd
(G)You know I've swallowed fire
(D)And I've fallen off the wire
A (Em7)million times before
Are you (Cadd9)asking me to show you more love

(G)More light, (D)more (Cadd9)heat
Are you asking (G)me (D)take you (Am)hold you (Cadd9) show you more
(G)More light, (D)more (Cadd9)heat
If you're asking (G)me, (D)I'll be (Cadd9)there
When these circus lights go out

I (G)wake up to the sound of bells
A (D) thousand girls in wedding veils
But (Em7)all I want is you, do you be(Cadd9)lieve me?
Cause the (G)one game that I never played,
The (D)one mistake I never made,
Was to (Em7)come right out and ask you if you (Cadd9)need me
Do you need me (G)now? Need me (D)now?
Need me (Em7)now? (Cadd9)Cause I need more