Hi, i'm a college student and I have had to record some people playing a cover song for a project. I've got all the song recorded, but I lack vocals, and all the people on my music course can't sing the song.

The song is 'Such Small Hands' by LA Dispute.


Here is what I have recorded so far: https://soundcloud.com/rufus-ambler/such-small-hands-la-dispute

It sounds quite different to the song, and is a bit off in places I know, but the main purpose of this task is to show mastering and recording skills.

If you're interested just post on this thread and I can PM and send you you the files. Or I can even send you the file in its entirety as a Logic pro X file.

Frankly I don't need perfect vocals, but anyway i'd be grateful if someone could help me out with these vocals.