Hi guys!

Share your experience with DIY Delay AND Reverb pedals?
Whats best pedals to build, what do you reccomend?

Schematics, links, videos also : )
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I haven't built any delay or reverb pedals yet, but I've built stuff from these sites.

There's also this place:
I haven't used any of their schematics personally, but there's a whole lot of options to chose from.

Best of luck with your builds!

Yesterday finished my Woolly Mammoth project for my friend, i usualy take schematics from Google
Thanks for the links!
I've built three BYOC pedals, two compressors and a Lazy Sprocket. They aren't cheap, but the instructions were very good, and the parts were decent quality and all present and correct. They needed some fine tuning to get the desired results, but there is a good forum for mods and problem solving.
I haven't actually built any delay pedals (my PCB-making skills and supplies are non-existant and these are just too complex to build on perfboard) but I'd suggest cloning an MXR Carbon Copy or BOSS DM-2 (or DM-3) and adding the double-delay and modulation mods.

I was given a DM-2 and added the modulation mod to it. Worked out well, but I still haven't re-housed the circuit. If I ever get another BBD chip I will be doing the double-delay mod as well...

I have no personal experience with the Carbon Copy but I've heard good things all around.
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