This question is inspired by an answer someone gave on a question today, that I didn't agree with.
Something about The Monkees not being useful and having no talent.
Every time I see something negative about them, especially things that aren't true, I defend them without thinking.
People have said bad things about some of my other favorite bands, but it really doesn't bother me. People have opinions and I understand that, but I mean if someone is going out of their way to make that band/artist look like they shouldn't be making music.

Is there any band that you're that way with?

Sorry if that was confusing. :P

BQ: Musicians that are married/in a relationship with another musician?

BQ2: Your least favorite song at the moment.
Update : Shred, I agree with you.

I usually ignore stuff.
People's opinions matter to me
and if they think a band "sucks"
well, that's their thoughts.
But when someone goes to say that they
have no talent or something like that...then that's when sh*t hits the fan. lol
Update 2: I agree.
Davy IS adorable.
I plan on marrying him. lol
Update 3: Yep.
People that say that they were
"manufactured" are right, to an extent.
They're right about them being formed
by someone else,
but they weren't even supposed to be a "real"
They were supposed to be portraying the Beatles in a TV show, and just happened to branch off, become a real band, and end up outselling them + the Rolling Stones combined in 1967.
I would say they have to have at least a LITTLE
talent to do that. lol
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