Sup guys? Just making a friendly thread for fun in hearing other opinions...I am a modern metal guitarist looking to buy a new chorus pedal..thinking it's the next step in my board. So far, my PERSONAL favorite is the EHX Small Clone. Anybody else have input?
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The only one I have any experience with is the TC Electronic Corona. Very nice sounding, and can go from subtle chorus to Leslie-like John Scofield and Guthrie Govan chorus sounds quite easily. The toneprint feature is also very nice. Guthrie also has a toneprint.
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The Visual Sound H20 Liquid Chorus is very nice.
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i like the ce2-based choruses i've tried
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The Visual Sound H20 Liquid Chorus is very nice.

I bought the Liquid Chorus and IMO, its the best sounding chorus I have ever used.
I don't have the H20 one, just the single effect version.
(I already had a DD-7 I was happy with, although I also later bought a TC Nova Delay).
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I have a BBE Mind Bender and I love it. I generally do not like subtlety, and this chorus is about as subtle as a train going past your window. I spent a long time researching pedals trying to find one that would give me an "underwater" sound. This is the only one that really did what I wanted.

If I had to go out and build a new board on a budget I would get a used MIJ Boss CH-1.

The TC Corona is good if you find a deal on one used.
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i had a 80's or before MXR analog chorus (not the cheap one) i sold it. it was by far the best, i was downsizing at the moment. but i got it used for $20 at a garage sale, and i made a good bit of money (a tad under $200). this one was in similar condition. guess i didn't do something terribly stupid and sell it too cheap, but, it sounded good.

link below is to identify,i am neither selling one nor buying one.

My favourite is the EHX Small Clone as well. I've been through a few chorus pedals and I've always dismissed the Small Clone as a lesser pedal for being cheap, but once I tried it, I liked it so much that I bought one. I immediately sold the MXR Stereo Chorus that I had at the moment, and gave the Small Clone a permanent spot on my pedalboard.
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Be sure to check out the Danelectro Cool Cat chorus. It's probably the best bang-for-your-buck chorus out there. I know a guy who uses it in his "B" rig in place of his usual TC chorus.
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Be sure to check out the Danelectro Cool Cat chorus. It's probably the best bang-for-your-buck chorus out there. I know a guy who uses it in his "B" rig in place of his usual TC chorus.

Thanks man, but I'm really not going for a steal...I'm still working on my A rig. I'm looking for all top notch equipment; Nothing less than my favorite. I don't have a job, so i have to make good use of my money, as in save up for the best. Appreciate the tip though. I'll check it out.