So for my English final project, I decided to try and write a song to get some practice in for when my band starts working on our own songs. Right now, I have a chorus and the song is in D. I'm just stuck on finding the right chord.

The chorus begins with D-Dmaj7-D7-G, and then repeats, but I want something different than G the second time, except nothing seems to sound right. Any advice?

though i'd recommend switching it up even further. the chromatic movement of D - C# - C - B between the four chords makes the listener expect something else, so to repeat the four chords makes it sound strange. i recommend:

||: D - Dmaj7 - D7 - G - Gm - A7 - D - G/A :||

but that's just going with my tastes. do whichever feels better to you (or another option not discussed).
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The thing is, D7 wants to go to G major chord. That's because it functions as a secondary dominant. The second time you may also want to change the D7 chord.

Or do like Aeolian Wolf said. D-Dmaj7-D7-G is a bit boring on its own. You may want to continue the progression. It's really usual to put a Gm or Bb as the next chord because it continues the chromatic line. But you could also try something different. Something that doesn't sound so obvious.
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