I'm starting to get interested in adding some pedals to my guitar sound. I've got my overdrive set, now I want to add other cool effects. I usually don't like any effects at all, but recently I've been getting into some, seemingly, essential modulation and effects. I had a few questions.

First off, I like the pulsating in the tremolo, delay and sort of phase. I also wanted a sort of reverb, so my first question is, would a good delay pedal be able to handle all those types of effects? They seem interchangeable in a way and I was wondering if a good delay could do the job of, at least a tremolo and/or a phase? And how well would a good delay pedal do a reverb sound?

Second, I like the wah sound and it's range of expression, if I got a Wah pedal, would I be able to use it as a phase? To me, is seems like a phase is just an automated, pulsating wah, like a cross between a wah and a trem?

Basically, I want to keep how many pedals I use to a minimum. I may consider a compressor sustainer and treble booster in the future.
1. no. you can use a delay pedal to add ambience to a degree, but it's no substitute for a reverb. and a delay will not in any sense cop a tremolo or a phaser.

2. no. wah and phase sound completely different.

you'd be better off grabbing a multi-fx if you don't want more than a couple of pedals.
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