Man sick tapping chops! To be as constructive as I can I'd say your technique is pretty good, thought if you worked a bit on your vibrato your playing would be much more expressive.

I like your harmonized lines and fast tapping parts - separately though. If you could find a way to link your phrasing a little more musically I think your playing would sound much more powerful. That is just a matter of composing more solos and keeping at it. You are well on your way, sir. Good job and good luck in the competition! and thanks for the crit.
That was awesome! really like your guitar tone too! If you did that in an hour thats very impressive, I thought it was generally really well composed and executed, some mean shredding but also with a good sense of melody. and who doesnt love harmonies
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Wrote and recorded in one hour?! *applause* Is it weird that it sounded like a kick ass theme song you hear when your fighting the final boss of a video game? haha. Very impressive man, this was great!
That's almost a perfect rock/metal guitar solo. Amazing skills. Loved the harmonies as well. Was expecting a long-harmonized-bend kind of ending, but you wrote and performed it in a hour, that's amazing.

Checked out a few other videos as well. Loved the Ibanez Test Jam. Tibet won't load for some reason though. Good job!
Thats a crazy technical solo man! Insane stuff. Nice tones, and very tight playing.

Not my style, but crazy chops bro!
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