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M-Audio DX5 D2
2 100%
KRK Rokit 5
0 0%
KRK Rokit 6
0 0%
Voters: 2.
    Hey guys just hoping I could get some help picking out some studio monitors. Right now I'm deciding between the following options.

    M-Audio DX5 D2: $250
    KRK Rokit 5: $350
    KRK Rokit 6: $450

    Which of those speakers is the best bang for buck? I hear the DX5 D2's are surprisingly good for the money. Is that true, or am I better off saving up for a pair of Rokit 5's or 6's? I'm not an audio nazi, but I do want the best possible sound I can get on my limited budget ($500.) Please select which speaker's you think i should buy in the poll.

    Thanks, Malcolm
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    I've got the older versions of the M-Audio, and I love mine. They are fairly flat, the KRK's a extremely bass heavy, so if you're producing metal its a good idea to get KRK's but for anything else, they're not really all that great. The M-Audio's are fairly transparent, so what you mix is what you get.
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    None of them are stellar, but the Rokit are more expensive other than not flat at all.

    I'd save some money, try some Equator D8, some Yamaha HS8, some EVE stuff, because they all would be a great improvement, but if you absolutely have to buy a pair, between these three, go for the M-Audio's.
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