So a bit over a week ago I bought a Ibanez ART100 with the matching case for $150.
Its not bad, tone wise it is warm and the pickups got enough bite for the metal styles I like to play but still work pretty well with a clean sound. The neck feels great though a little chunkier than I am use to but it is still comfortable. The fretwork is not exactly the best for what you can find in this price range used but it is slightly better than what I often find on this model, I plan to do a complete fret level and redress once I replace my cruddy Grizzly crowning file. The fret ends are done well, no sharp ends or over hangs.
It holds tuning well and overall I am happy with it so far and think it was a good deal for something that looks so nice and sounds this good.

Thinking about putting some 11's on it and dropping to C# and doing some Scars on Broadway.
Not usually an Ibanez guy at all, but I really like that. HNGD
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Nice clean guitar for that price. Grats!

Yeah, you scored a pretty good deal. HNGD!
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The only blemishes are some scuffs on the back of the headstock and a chip on the binding about the size of the tip of a ballpoint pen. It fits super snug in the case which is nice.
nice HNGD. the case is probably worth half of that
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