Hi Folks,
I am trying to record an electric guitar part in Ableton Live and using Guitar Rig for the tones. I used a couple of presets but somehow the tones are just not good.
Can anyone please suggest some ways of getting a Pearl Jam sort of Distortion Tone with the plugin???

First of all, presets in general are a starting point for people who don't really know how to start, but they are no more than a starting point, so try tweaking them.

Also, though I don't really know how pear jam sound, I'd get rid of guitar rig already in favor of something like LePou's stuff, Nick Crow's stuff, Mercuriall's stuff and so on.
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Guitar Rig has some pretty bad cab sounds. You'll want to turn off the cab and use a cab impulse loader like LeCab or kefIR instead.
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if Im not mistaken, Guitar Rig 5 now comes with some Red Wirez IRs, and GR5 also comes with its own IR loader called Reflektor which is MUCH easier to use than Kefir. which doubles as a decent reverb.
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