I'm a new player and I need help!
Soo I still have time forming the dreaded barre chords.

Is there any substitions for the F chord?

It would so much to me if you could give me answers if there are any.
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There are, but i dont recommend doing them until you can do your F bar chord.

We have all struggled with that chord when starting out, and looking the other way wont help you. You will be much better off if you put the time in and get that F chord down, than if you find an alternative way of playing it.
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Barre chords are tricky until you build up the finger strength and muscle memory to play them. However I don't find the need to play barre chords any more whilst doing session work, leave the bass notes to the bass! Try playing something likes


This is the same as a barre chord but without the bottom notes. This can be played as a substitute for any barre chord with the root on the 6th string
You'll have to conquer the F barre chord just like everybody else Just practice your barre chords farther up the neck where they're easier to play and you'll eventually develop the finger strength to play that F chord.

For a quick substitute of course you can play the F chord with its root on the A string at the 8th fret, but it's going to sound higher and thinner than that huge thing on the 1st fret E string.
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Everybody struggles with F at first, well most of us. Took me a year or so to get it down, but then again I'm just a casual player.

A trick I used was when playing songs with the dreaded chord, was to use a powerchord instead (top 3 strings). And of course practicing it outside songs.

But for me it was important to actually play a song; this was, after all, why I picked up the guitar in the first place.