Hi i dont know how can i explain my problem..
recently i changed my guitar pickups with Ibanez H1 humbucker. but when i plug in, it sounds good but the main problem is the sound normally dont stay for long.. i mean when i play a note its not stay for more than 2 or 3 seconds.. i dont know where is the problem or if i add any electronics will it be solved.. i cant get the feel i am looking for.. tone must be stay for more time .. when i pull i cant get the feel if the sounds stay for little long.. can anyone explain me where is the problem or hoe can i solve this issue.
Are you talking about the sustain of your notes? If so a compresser should help. (works for me) what gear you using?
no... i dont know nothing about compresser.. normally i plug it in G processor.. i think sustain ability problem.. how to get more sutain?? tone just end afetr 1-2 sec ...
I don't know then bud, I run all my guitars through a relic boss gt-3 effects board into my 6505+ and when the compresser is kicked in it helps sustain my notes even more then without it. what amp do you own? :edit: you might wanna raise your action aswell on your guitar
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Did you have more sustain before you changed the pickups?

If you did then maybe the pickup height of the new pickups needs to be adjusted.
how close it the pickup to the strings?

Is there and fret buzz at all?

What amp is it? is there a built in noise gate that is on?
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