Autism-Products presents The BIG Hug

The BIG Hug

The BIG Hug was designed to calm, reorganize and redirect the energy of children and adults living with autism or who are cognitively challenged and would benefit from deep pressure therapy. The BIG Hug has been found to be effective because it allows the caregiver to simultaneously apply different amounts of soft, wrap-around pressure to five separate areas of the body. The caregiver or user is then able to release the Big Hug's wraps after the desired amount of individualized sensory needs are obtained. Features & Benefits of the Bib Hug: Five individual, adjustable body wraps allow for range of pressure to vary across the body; Lightweight, portable and folds in half for easy storage; Users are able to release hook and loop straps whether hands are outside of Big Hig or are wrapped inside; Includes adjustable waist belt and cushioned shoulder straps for application of downward pressure; Horseshoe shaped pillow for additional safe, head control for lying in supine position; Easy to use, clean, adjust and fit properly; Made with confortable, institutional quality, water-resistant materials that exceed cal 117 fire codes and are treated with antibacterial and mold ******ants.

Small Big Hug: Fits children 40" - 50" (102-127cm); shoulder width 12" (31cm); shoulder circumference: 36" (91cm).
Medium Big Hug: Fits most children 50" - 60" (127-152cm); shoulder width 15" (38cm); shoulder circumference: 44" (112cm).
Large Big Hug: Fits teens 60" - 70" (152-178cm); shoulder width 18" (46cm); shoulder circumference: 54" (137cm).
X-Large Big Hug: Fits adults 70" - 84" (179-213cm); shoulder width 21" (53cm); shoulder circumference: 65" (165cm).

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This looks like a waterboarding torture device.

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who thought this was a good idea?

My first thought when I saw the pic.....

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who thought this was a good idea?

Nah this actually is a very good idea. It might be difficult getting the kid in at first but once they know the comfort this provides them they'll be fine after. similarly, adults should know when they're feeling distressed and be able to use this on their own.