Hey guys,

I hope you can do me a big solid here. My girlfriend absolutely loves the song Gold by Chet Faker. I want to surprise her by playing it for her once. Thing is that the song hasn't been out for long so there are no tabs/chords available for it yet. The song pretty much consists out of 4 chords so I'm thinking that for pro's on this forum it shouldn't be too hard identifying them. I'm quite the beginner myself so I hope they are within 'campfire chord' limits. :P

Here's the link to the song on YouTube!

Thanks a lot in advance!
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Thanks! Are they transposable to more easy chords by any chance?
First tune the guitar 6th string half step down from E to D#

so at the intro you can play Dm# chord + bass on the 6th string:

The chord progression is Dm#/C#/G#/B but the fingers may vary position for the chords G# and B#:
D#A D G B e
G# - 5 6 6 5 x x
B# - 8 9 9 8 x x
ops sorry i didnt saw the replys, i guess the chords progression is still the same but cmrz wrote them more correctly, i didnt studied music so if you gotta talk with someone just say its: Ebm, Db, Ab, B