I am in the market for a new acoustic guitar and am stuck on the different types of wood and which would best suit me.

My band is composed of myself and one other guy; we both play acoustics. The other band member's role is more about playing chord progressions while I do the melodies.

We both play softly; always using our fingers as opposed to picks. I have noticed that there are different types of wood which complement louder and softer play styles.

I have also noticed that different types of woods bring out different tones- some are more for high tones, some for mid tones, etc...

I am afraid to choose a wood which brings out one tone over another because my melodies make use of low, mid, and high tones. That said, I probably use high tones the least relatively so it may be a wise choice to go with wood that will emphasize mid-low or mid-high tones.

I'm also looking into different body types. Right now I'm pretty set on the Grand Auditorium style, but am not too sure whether I should go with a body that will give me a more treble-focused or deeper tone.

Based on this information, which wood type and body type would you recommend for me? My budget is pretty flexible, though I am pretty sure I can get an instrument that I'm happy with for $300-$500. I don't need to get a flashy name brand instrument, but if spending $1,000 is required in order to get the right tone, then so be it. I would much rather save the money, of course.

Also, I want to go with steel strings over nylon. Thanks in advance!
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I'm a fingerpicker, and I've found that cedar tops are often very good for this, in combination with laminate back and sides, on not-too-expensive guitars. I've tried several different makes that worked well with this, one was Seagull, another was Tanglewood.

Another option is the Mexi Taylors (100 and 200 series) in both spruce and cedar tops, but they a bit higher than your rpice range.

I have generally found I prefer dreads to GA/jumbo shapes, except in the Mexi Taylors, where the dread bass is a bit too boomy for my tastes.
there are guitars i like with cedar tops and guitars i like with sitka or adi or englemann spruce. and the shape and bracing of a guitar affect the tone at least as much as the woods used.

if you're thinking about a GA sized guitar, you might want to consider 000 and OM sizes, since they're very similar and most brands don't make a size called a GA. you might look into recording king, who make great value all solid 000s with 1 3/4" nuts (good for fingerstyle) that sound good

all solid

all solid, adi top!

all solid 12 fret
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I don't think you can predict how a particular wood will effect the sound of a guitar (it's mostly luthier / manufacturer hype) - each instrument has its own tone.

Best advice I can give is go out and play as many guitars as you can - pick the one you like best.