Last year i bought a Lag tramontre 200 ace , i love it but i miss the sound from when I just had it. After the original strings i have equiped a simple Adarrio on it , but no good.
Now I just installed Addario ej10 and it's horrible bright and loud...
I have send an email to Lag a week ago but no response. I play daily my elec. Guitar but wanna enjoy my acc for some Beatles and spanish romance , what should i get ?
Don't like steel for spanish romance
Well, I know nothing about your guitar, but I can tell you why those strings sound like crap. They're too light, they're not broken in, and most importantly, they're brass.

The lighter the string set, the less the bottom end. Brass, (80/20 alloy), is intended to have a "Nashville twang".

Phosphor bronze would be a better choice, judging on what I'm hearing from you.

So, I'm offering these as a suggestion: http://www.musiciansfriend.com/accessories/daddario-ej26-phosphor-bronze-custom-light-acoustic-guitar-strings

These would be one step heavier and warmer sounding. The bump up on the gauge would improve your bass.

Now, as I said, I don't know anything about your particular guitar. If it is intended to have nylon strings on it, under no circumstance should you persist on trying to string it with steel.

Steel string guitars generally do poorly with nylon also. The top bracing is likely too stiff, the top nut has to be filed out to accommodate the thicker nylon strings, and the necks are more often than not, too narrow.

Additionally, if a guitar is set up properly for steel strings, it will need to be set up again for nylons,
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