Aaahhh! I am completely new to performance and I am trying to throw things together for a show that's coming up way too soon. I am ill-equipped. One of the things I want to be sure of is good reverb on my vocals. For people who apply effects to their voice, is that basically just like having another set of pedals, but for the PA?

Will the other singer also need her own set of vocal effects too? Or can we just have one set of effects running through the PA – one that applies to both mics?

I have a feeling things are about to get pricey.
One of the most annoying things about new vocal performers... too much effects on the vocals.

We often use compression, delay, and reverb but in small doses so it just adds a touch of ambiance but falls far short of "singing in a fish tank". A stereo DME works pretty well and you can tailor different effects to each vocalist. Make a live recording of your rehearsal and compare your vocals to a quality studio vocal recording. If they sound close, make a note of your settings. If your live recording sounds too much like Sea World, back away from the reverb.

Many modern PA mixers have DME and compression built in. I recommend renting one of these for a while until your gig income can support buying PA gear. Some sound companies will supply all the gear, mics, cables, sound crew and setup/tear down. I love these guys because I can just show up and play without worrying about the techie stuff.
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Ha –*well Sea World might just be one of our biggest influences.

We won't be using our own PA –*too new for that – so we are going to be at the mercy of what they have. It sounds like we'll probably want to ask some questions about what it exactly that is. But if it's reasonable to expect that a PA will have good enough reverb, maybe we don't have to worry to much about that.