Very cool intro man! I loved your tones! The bass tone had a double bass feel to it - the drums were subtle entering the track. I love the feel of it, the progression you have is also nice - has a dom 9th/ b13 feel to it.

The time change was also nicely done - the melody holds together nicely. Im not too sure of the samples you've used in the back ground - I was looking for a more liquid feel during the time change bit.

I think you could have done more in the latter half of the track - perhaps room for a solo?

What are you doing exactly with the harmony?

Really nice track man! The tones could have been changed near the end, but great track over all!

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I love how full of a sound you get. Your atmosphere is great, the only problem is that it gets kind of boring. The melodies are, for the most part, very short, so they end up repeating a lot and getting old pretty quickly. You've got great rhythm tracks down, I think you just need some more complicated melodies and more variation.

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