Hi everyone, I haven't been on here in a while, or picked up my bass in about just as long, but I'm seeking some assistance. I recently just got back into bass and am very rusty--not to mention I was a novice to start out with way back. I've had the urge to form a Jam band, in the style of bands like Grateful Dead, Furthur (I know they are similar) and incorporate jazzy rock influences like Steely Dan. My ultimate to goal is to be able to improvise in bass within the fields of bluegrass, rock n roll, jazz, and blues and fuse it into a genre of psychedelic rock like those bands. I am wondering if anybody can give me some suggestions as to what types of songs, scales, chords, and techniques I should adopt into my playing in order to get this end result. I'm basically asking for some educated guidance (: Thank you all for listening and rock on. P&L
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Well; Phil Lesh has never been your typical bassist. He began his musical career as a trumpet player, and he was trained in classical music. These have greatly influenced his approach. Some have described his style as playing constantly differing fills around the root of each chord in a song. Learn your modes and minor scales, and start improvising around the chord tones. But stick with the proper rhythm! You must always serve the song first!

As for what to listen to, well; start by listening to the Grateful Dead, and then start listening to some Bebop Jazz.
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