The thread title lies. I've accumulated a fair amount of gear over the last 2 months. Let's start (sorry for the extremely long post. Pour a cold brew and relax if ya want!):

1st: MXR Prime Distortion
Decent pedal, purchased from GC for $49. Not my greatest purchase but I can get some decent tones out of it. I bought it mainly to have a new toy to play around with since I was moving out on my own for a job. I haven't noodled around with it much recently but that's due to my lack of power...

2nd: MXR Phase 90
Pretty awesome pedal, purchased off of Ebay for $50 I think. The thing had a couple scratches on the backplate and that's it. Needless to say I was pretty happy. Also, its built much better than the plastic-y-ness of the Prime Distortion and my previous MXR classic overdrive. I was surprised at the sheer weight of it. I could probably throw that thing on the highway and it would still play! Great pedal for getting some Gilmour tones (think Speak to me/Breathe) and it nails Achilles Last Stand. Definitely satisfied with my investment on this little pedal. Won't be getting replaced any time soon.

3rd: NYC Reissue Big Muff PI
Pretty neat pedal, but the size and power jack were sorta turn offs. I don't have a pedalboard, but this thing sure does take up a lot of floor space regardless. As for the sound, it's a classic. Really hits the spot for some Black Keys and I've been trying to get it to hit some Silversun Pickups material, just to add a little bit of grittiness and balls to it! Aside from the damn power socket (which an adapter is on its way), no complaints. When the batteries die in it, there is a HUGE volume loss. That's my main reason for purchasing an adapter.

Now I know you're starting to think, "WTF is the new guitar?! this is the Electric Guitar forum!" Settle down and wait. It'll be worth it.

4th: MXR Carbon Copy
Paid $85 for this guy on Ebay, which was a total steal. When I first got it though, fiddling around with the settings I kept putting the Regen knob too high and the delay too short. I thought my ears were going to burst. It produced this awful high pitched noise that wouldn't cease. After deeming myself an idiot, and losing my hearing I found some decent settings. It's definitely a darker voiced pedal, but I'm really happy that I went with an analog pedal vs. a digital one.

And now for the good stuff...

5th: Fender FSR Stratocaster MIM
Shelled out a couple pennies for this beauty, but it was completely worth it. I had been GASing for a Black & Creme strat with a Maple neck for a long long time. Went to my local GC over Easter and they had one. Nearly creamed my pants, but once I started playing with it... that desire almost went away. The frets were razor sharp. Knicked one of my knuckles and almost started to bleed. I said to hell with this thing, and asked if they had anymore in back. Worker told me they didn't and needless to say I wasn't too happy. Everything about this guitar was EXACTLY what I wanted. Maple Neck. Black Body. Creamy goodness all over. Except those damn frets. So I asked the clerk what other stores have them. I told her I'd be moving to Iowa and she checked the few stores there. The Des Moines store had 2. Christ Almighty was on my side. Skip to a week later and I'm in the Des Moines GC staring at the Black Beauty again. I sat down and began fiddling and the rest is history... Plays like a dream. Perfect neck, single coils for a different tone than my Epi SG. It hurts to put this thing down, I love it that much.

6th: Fulltone OCD
After reading plenty of reviews I decided to purchase this guy. I must say, while I am happy with it, it didn't live up to the expectations of every review I had red online. Seems to be a little to thin for my taste (does sound a little better with my Epi). Not enough low end though...

7th: Way Huge Red Llama
Found this on Reverb dot com for $68 new. I had been so intent on getting a Way Huge Green Rhino but went with the OCD instead. After seeing this one for so cheap, I bought it and decided I could sell it if I didn't like it. Well, I liked it. The Red Llama has some serious balls. Lots more low end than the OCD, but definitely not as transparent. It definitely adds a little grit to your playing. Overall, very satisfied with this purchase.

8th: VHT Special 6 Ultra
A couple years back I had this fire burning inside me to get a small tube amp to modify. First it was the Epi Valve Jr. Head, then it was the Peavey Royal (I think), and then I came upon the VHT Special 6. Fast forward to me having some money, and VHT releasing the ULTRA, and I splurged and got this sucker. This thing is gnarly. Has some serious balls, and has cleans that are comparable to my Hot Rod Deluxe (I suck at tweaking things though, so maybe my Fender should sound much better... oh well). Would definitely recommend this amp to anyone, and the attenuation dial on it was a great inclusion. Lets you crank it up (not to gigging or ear piercing volumes) but also lets you play in the middle of the night when your neighbors want their beauty sleep.

9th: TC Electronics Ditto Looper
Once again, got another pedal of Ebay for a steal. $84 bucks shipped. Must say I'm still getting used to not sucking and playing wrong notes into this thing..... BUT aside from that, this things pretty tight. Easy to use, does what it needs to, and hopefully it lasts.

That's it. You made it to the end. Thanks for sticking with me!

I must say I haven't made any purchases I've hated, not completely satisfied with one or two, but it takes time and money to find what works! Pour another brew for yourself, you deserve it. Cheers!
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How's the VHT Special 6?

I've been looking for a small amp that can occasionally jam with a bassist and drummer. I used to have a Tiny Terror that was always set on 7 watts for stuff like that and it could easily get too loud playing rock/metal.

Would the VHT keep up?
I haven't gotten the chance to play in a full band setting. The amp does have a boost you can use to push it. Full volume with boost engaged can be pretty darn loud, especially if you put it into ULTRA mode. Might as well give it a shot, I can assure you you wouldn't be disappointed in the sound you can get out of it. Take note though, there is a big difference between the Special 6 and the Special 6 Ultra!
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