So I found an old Line 6 vetta 1 and got a killer deal on it. Problem is it comes with a 4 bottom midi footswitch and I have no idea how to program this footswitch. I have read the manual and spent some time messing around with it. Anyone have any experience with this? I really simply just want it to change channels between 1 and 4.
Is it an FBV foorswitch?
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you need to update it to the Vetta II version. This is absolutely free to do on the Line 6 website it will make the amp even better.

Ifyou are having troubles with the MIDI, contact L6 and they will help, their CS is top notch
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It is just a standard 4 bottom midi switch, I am buying the FBV shortboard, but that is easy to get to work. I have actually tried to contact Line 6 customer support, for older models it is hard to get any help with them.