and even complain. Trained how tired can all be adjusted , but if the mentality is not good, it will affect it large . tired than we actually have a lot of people who work . " Di Xiaochuan Although trained in the Beijing team hard, but for this type of training is still relatively fresh , " he did this exercise I 've never experienced before , very novel

Worth learning , followed by Wang to practice seriously . In fact, the strength of the training team in Beijing is also very important, training very hard , the amount is very large , the body demands more. " Specifically pulled altitude training , the purpose is to further promote the team 's fitness. This work , in the last 7-8 years, Chinese basketball have not tried. Gong Luming over this time , the first change begins from here because in his view, a bunch of young athletes is most lacking is the practical training . " this time also be getting a little breath, the body also appeared in some of the reactions , almost everyone , but I was among a short report , still recovery on the plateau . But I think this is not an excuse , discount nike air max 1 or to overcome difficulties themselves, other people do not feel themselves gave it done. This is not saying one , or by action.

"But Xiaochuan that their potential is still in nike air force 1 mid uk hiding stage, need to be further excited , " I feel my body 's potential has not been inspired by