Suggestions? I've ready about garomyte and the dunlop kits. I have some frets and a fretboard in pretty bad condition.

The Dunlop kit is pretty good if you already have it I just don't recommend the string cleaner as I've found it makes strings snap easier.

If you don't have it, just some water (possibly with soap if it's real bad) or Windex will do. Just make sure you dry everything completely with a rag if you use water. I cut up old t-shirts to make 'guitar-cloths'.

After you start getting things wet, the dirt and dead skin should come off pretty easily. Use your finger nail to lightly scrape it off for nastier spots.

DO NOT use abrasive sponges or steel wool. That stuffs not real good for the fretboard and frets.
dude, i wouldn't recommend using water or soap... i mean it is wood ffs... wood swells with water and i'm no pro but i would say the fretboard will warp if you use it....

what has worked for me over the 18 years of my guitar playing, is vaseline for rosewood fretboards, just cover that thing up with it, and remove it gently scratching over the frets using simple napkins or paper towels, then another clean napkin to completely remove any remainders. For me it has worked beautifully and leaves my fretboard looking healty and clean.

For my maple fretboard strat, as it has a coat of clear laquer...that's where i would use a slightly damp cloth and have your way with it...

that's what has worked for me anyways...

EDIT: for the frets themselves, i use a really really high grit sandpaper for polish, or maybe some fine steel wool after putting masking tape over the wood....
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