I've looked at some of the videos and threads out there about how to do this, and they have helped, as does practice. I'm getting better slowly, but my voice will often waver like i'm in puberty instead of getting a gritty sound. Also it's hard to have consistency, one day I can get close other days not so much. I wonder if I'm missing something.

I like to think I've been going about it the right way, using diaphragm and soft pallet/dangely thing in throat.

Does anyone have a good tip or link that could help me out? I'm working on adding it to Songs like Jack and Diane (the oh yeah life goes on part) and simple man, STP songs, and really most rock songs I think sound better with a little rusty rasp in parts.


I try to bypass my throat and push air into the back of my pallet. I have no idea if this is safer or good technique but I find my voice lasts a lot longer than if i'm blowing it straight out of my throat.

For a song like Simple Man, however, I find it comes more from my chest.

I heard that certain foods and drink can aid the hoarsness, milk is one of these i heard, but i gave up dairy. I also gave up smoking (smoked a pack a day from early teens through early twenties) whiskey, **** I don't drink whiskey, I do drink beer, but it doesn't help with grit.

I do like very spicey foods, so I guess I'll experiment with chompin on a habanero before a practice sesssion. I'll report back.

I've been finding that once I get that raspy quality after trying for a few songs, it's comes a lot easier, but on the first song of a session it's pretty hard, and that isn't good for open mic night or something.
Don't use foods or drinks. It's an awful crutch. Learn to do it properly. BENE is on to something. Place the air in the back of your soft pallet and raise said pallet (like a yawn). Completely relax the throat and don't force your air, just project into the area that was referred to above.

It helped my rasp singing immensely to develop my false cord growling. I can scream/sing/distortion singing for 2-3 hours with little ill affects these days.

However, you must understand that there are many types of rasps and it really just depends on the voice you were given.

It'll take a while to get this down, but I feel like you are on the right track. Expect it to be many months before you have even stabilized the technique.
I have a raspy singing voice when I sing. Try to restrict your breathing a little bit, don't force out to much air so your vocal folds become thicker. Also try to think of your breath control as breathing in instead of breathing out when you want to become raspy(I know that sounds wierd). Try to move the sound to the back of your head where your soft pallet is. Try to keep your throat as relaxed as possible, a good tip for this is to raise your shoulders as high as possible and then drop them like an anchor- do this before singing. A good way to try to get the rasp too is to practice lowering your larynx as much as possible sing Bob while moving up and down scales.
Thanks guys, lots of good info that's been helping.

I think I needed to hear that it's gonna take a few months at least before I can grasp this technique.

I just developed some mild chest congestion, must be a bug, so I'm going to taker a little easier for the next week. kind of bummed because i was really enjoying giving 100% effort.