Click here for Avicii Medley

Hey guys! Firstly, It's my first time going around the UltimateGuitar Forum and I discovered this section! Sorry if I'm a little bit rusty or doing something wrong around forum >.<

Here's a fingerstyle version of the very popular DJ Artist, Avicii from Sweden!

A mix of his songs such as, Wake Me Up, Levels, and last, I Could Be The One!

Let me know what you guys think and if you guys want the tab, I'll work on it! I would happily create it for you guys if you like!

A Little Bit About Myself
Hey! My name is Jackie from Malaysia and I'm currently 17 years old. As a self taught guitarist inspired by the Korean prodigy, Sungha Jung, I have learn fingerstyle all by myself without a teacher at all. I have been playing since I was 12 years old.