Hi all you pro engineers you. I am planning to add some midi equipment to my studio and I am a little confused and unsure as to how I should go about connecting it all. I currently have no Midi going into my computer and I have an old electric drum set with midi in/out.

I want to add this drumkit as well as a midi keyboard. My question is, should I buy a midi keyboard with USB and midi in/out. Then send the midi out from the drum kit to the midi in of the keyboard. Will that allow me to send the midi signals for both instruments into my computer and will I be able to assign each instrument to a separate midi channel so I can place a different vst instrument on each and use them simultaneously?

I ask because there is a keyboard I want that is a good price but it only has Midi out and USB so if I buy that one the set-up option above wont work and I will also need to buy a midi to USB converter for the drumkit. Another concern is if I go this option, will I be able to use 2 separate usb midi devices in my DAW simultaneously?

Sorry for the noob questions but this is my first time with midi and I only have a basic google understanding of it.