Hi there ! I'm 15, and I'm meaning to start teaching guitar in a few months for free or little. I want to make a living of guitar teaching guitar adventually, that's why I wanna start building experience and exposure NOW. Becouse, wel, right now I live at home and the law agrees with me there, so I don't have any fixed bills but instead plenty of time to invest in... wel... stuff like this.

I'm just a little concerned people won't take me seriously becouse I'm so young. I know I should look profesional and shit; I know I shouldn't be wearing ripped jeans but instead makeup and have a little more clean and innocent looking appearence when meeting the parents of my 8-year old student. I know not to fuking curse obviously, and I DEFENITLY google my shit.

What do you guys think ?
I think, if you do your homework, look the part (read: wear conservative but comfortable clothing), keep your cool, act professional, etc. ...then you will do fine.
Sounds like a good idea, let us know how it goes. There are plenty of sharp folks here in the Musician Talk forum that can provide assistance if you need ideas or get stuck.

I, alas, am generally not one of them.
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Some people won't take you seriously because of your age, you're right about that. Nothing you can do about it. Dress professional, get a few students gain experience; that's a great idea
The best idea is to start with people you know; friends of the family, neighbours etc. Act very professional with these students and they will recommend you to other people who you do not know, then a snowball effect should happen (does in most cases). This is how I started out as a guitar teacher.
Be professional. Look and act the part. Also, work with your students on not only the areas they need to improve, but what they want to improve or learn. That's the reason my viola instructor is awesome, because she's worked with me just as much on learning things I've personally found, like the Reger viola suites, as she has on my articulation stuffs.
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What makes you qualified to teach? Are you any good? Most 15-year-olds aren't.
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