Hello everybody, I need your help.
The thing is that on next thursday I am going to play in front of many people. Everything would go well, except that few days ago I encountered weird problem: hands shaking. To be exact, it's not like only my fingers are shaking, my wrists are shaking as well. I have been playing guitar for a few years and nothing like this happened before. I cannot hold my fingers steady in the air, the same thing happens for thumb. After some picking (usually about 15 minutes) my wrist starts to shake and I loose so much precision and speed. After a little massage I discovered that my wrist muscle in my forearm felt tired, so I thought that I just practised too much, so I took two days from playing off. But today I started trying again and the same thing happened to my hands. It's not by stress because I am calmed down pretty much. Have anybody ever had a problem like this? I need to fix this because I am planning to play few solos and it will be impossible with these hands shaking. Any help will be very appreciated.
Could be bad technique catching up with you, could be an unrelated injury, could be a lot of things but go to your doctor and get it checked out now.
Sounds like you're putting too much power into your playing. Loosen up. Relax everything. I have the same problem (shaking hands) even before I start playing. Go see the doc if you think you have some sort of health problem. Mine turned out to be an essential tremor (usually only old people get this, but somehow I have it).

Even for more aggressive styles of music, you only want to fret and strum as much as what's needed to produce the sound you want and nothing more.

Try playing again but try not fretting as hard as possible (only fret with enough pressure to produce clear notes) and try to keep your fretting hand as low to the fret board as possible to reduce movement.

When strumming, try to loosen your hand. You want enough power to keep the pick in your hand but don't squeeze on it like you're trying to choke the life out of a small animal.

Also, with wrist movement, control what you're doing. If you need to pick aggressively, do so, but make sure to relax as much as possible.

Playing guitar shouldn't cause extreme strain, and you want to do everything in your power to reduce the amount of strain you're causing.

Good luck!
Thanks for help people. But could you give me some tips (especially mjones1992) on loosing muscles in my hands? Im a pretty nervous person (I think I'm going to die before playing live) and I tried your tips just after I read them. But still, when I begin to play the tension is building up and I still can't hold my hands steady. Am I doing something wrong or it will get better after some time?
Is it only your hands/ forearms and only when you play guitar? Are you old enough to try having a beer before playing?
You might want to see your doctor. He can account for rare neuromuscular diseases and help with the more likely stage fright.
yeah maybe talk to your doctor

maybe even talk to a guitar teacher to rule out bad technique etc. (again, unlikely but worth ruling out)

i'd be wary of the beer approach, you don't want to replace one problem with an arguably even bigger problem. worst case scenario with stage fright, you can't gig. it doesn't mess up the rest of your life. worst case scenario with alcoholism does mess up the rest of your life. kind of thing.
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